Hamzat charges staff to be best in their duties

Hamzat charges staff to be best in their duties

The new Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, has declared his aspiration to become the best Deputy governor in Nigeria.

He has accordingly demanded that staff of the Deputy Governor’s Office and indeed other civil servants be the best in what they do.

In his maiden address to the Deputy Governor’s Office staff, he urged every staff, irrespective of position, to strive for excellence.

“Are you a cleaner, try and be the best cleaner. Are you a driver, strive to be the most sought after driver. For me, I want to be the best Deputy Governor ever in Nigeria,” said Hamzat.

The Deputy Governor also urged the media to ensure fair and accurate reportage, as it is not in the country’s interest to continue to promote negativity in the course of reporting events.

“ Again, I will urge us all to do everything within our power to ensure that we commit ourselves to how this country would be salvaged. Not only because of us as individuals, but for the sake of God Almighty and for the collective interest of humanity,”

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