Ajani Owolabi: Rising Star of Lagos Mainland Politics

Ajani Owolabi: Rising Star of Lagos Mainland Politics

The “Not too young to run” mantra started out as one of the usual agitation that seems to be dead even before take-off. But today, it has not only been passed into law but has begun to yield a fruitful dividend.

One of such fruit is Hon. Ibrahim Ajani Owolabi, a young and dynamic leader though young but has been touted as one of the future of Lagos Mainland politics and beyond. Ajani is vying for a position in the Lagos State House of Assembly under the All Progressive Congress (APC).

One of the striking attributes of this young and energetic leader is the enormity of ideas he has to move his constituency forward. Through his campaign team, he was able to organise a well-defined town hall meeting across his constituency to get to interact with the people, market women, elders, young and old. This is Obama-like; as a young budding organiser in the state of Illinois.

He was able to put words together on how his eventual emergence as their representative will impact the people.

Ajani has not only put his plans to words like most politicians will do; he is already putting them to action by having the BRT-like buses conveying school children to school on daily basis. This will ease the movement of pupils to schools, and it is totally free.

Speaking on the rationale of the project, Ajani said “to have pupils being conveyed to school, will ease the burden of transport fare on the parts of parents and this will encourage pupils’ interaction, thereby increasing attendance in school. If supporting our pupils through education is the only legacy I will leave behind, I think my tenure will have been deemed satisfactory”.

To this effect, it can be said he is truly living his political mantra, “Be the change you wish to see”.

As a young entrepreneur himself, he understands the need to be fully equipped with the needed knowledge and material support to thrive in self-reliant business sector, that birthed the putting together of some empowerment programs for artisans and widows.

Ajani is also helping his constituency get healthier and richer through the organisation of health seminars that allows for free medical check-ups for people in his constituency.

Welfare for elders and children is also top on some of the needs within his community that he is addressing through provision of perishable and non-perishable food to members of his community.

This is not the stomach infrastructure type of welfare, it is one which is embedded in his food security campaign promise and he is already actualising it. The elders and children are very vulnerable to food insecurity and the people are the ones saddled with the responsibility to provide for them.

Without doubt, Hon. Ibrahim popularly called “AJANI” by his supporters, is one to watch out for. He hopes to win as his people are right behind him, and beyond this present aspiration, he is one of the few expected to shape the future of Lagos Mainland politics.

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